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Cordials - Liqueurs


Family owned & operated for over 50 years!

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ABSENTE   Absente Liqueur derives its aromatic flavor from the herbs and spices which are macerated in a spirit solution, then drawn off the liquid and branddistilled. The traditinal flavor and aroma of Absinthe can now be enjoyed in Absente as an apertif or in a traditional presentation by placing a sugar cube on a slooted Absente spoon and balancing the spoon on the rim of a glass containg 1 1/2 ounces of Absente. Slowly drip 4 to 5 ounces of cold water over the sugar cube to dessolve the sugar. The Absente will change color becoming opalescent and ready to drink.

Amarula    Amarula
is a liqueur made from "fresh cream and the unique fruit of the Marula tree". What’s a Marula?  It’s a tree that only grows on the plains of Africa, and its fruit is often enjoyed by elephants, which munch away on the berries whenever they get a chance. This liqueur offers a "captivating and exotic" flavor, offering hints of caramel, chocolate and vanilla.

Celtic Crossing  Celtic Crossing - A unique combination of Irish spirits and cognac... with a taste of honey. Great either straight up or on the rocks, it can also be mixed into a limitless number of delicious and innovative cocktails.

Hpnotiq - 34 proof blended liqueur of vodka, cognac and tropical fruit juices.

Faretti Biscotti     Faretti Biscotti Famosi Liqueur is a new arrival in Connecticut. This makes a nice after dinner drink on it's own or goes great with coffee. We could talk about aromas of nuts and fennel, but to be put simply, Faretti Biscotti tastes like a blend of 80% Anisette and 20% Frangelico. It truly is reminiscent of biscotti. I'm sure the mixologists out there will come up with some interesting uses for this liqueur.

Drambuie     Drambuie is a golden liqueur, based on Scotch whisky and sweetened with heather honey and flavored with different herbs.

Chambord Royale Liqueur     Chambord Royale Iiqueur is a raspberry based liqueur with 16.5% abv / 33 proof. It is made from an over 320 year old recipe dating back to 1685 when Louis XIV visited Château de Chambord in the Chambord region of France and supposedly was one of his favorites, among that of other nobility who had the good taste to enjoy it as well.

Cointreau Liqueur     Cointreau is one of the worlds’ most renowned brands. Cointreau is a unique premium spirit made from orange peels, which has been enjoyed around the world for more than 150 years.  Cointreau’s subtle complkexity can be appreciated simply over ice, with freshly squeezed lime juice mixed with sparkling water, or shaken for an indulgent and sophisticated cocktail such as the Cointreau Cosmopolitan or the original Margarita.

Pallini Limoncello     Pallini Limoncello - Limoncello is Italy's favorite liqueur. Pallini Limoncello is made in Italy by the Pallini family. This refreshing lemon liqueur is crafted from an authentic family recipe created more than 100 years ago by the Pallini family. It is made with Italy's finest Sfusato Amalfitano lemons that are hand-selected for optimal freshness and flavor.

Metaxa Ouzo     Metaxa Ouzo - It's absolutely true to say that Metaxa is in a class of its own. The production process by which it is made is distinctly different from that of any other premium spirit. In fact, it's not fair to compare Metaxa with any other conventional drink, because it's richer, earthier and deliciously unique.

Pama Liqueur     Pama Liqueur - Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., today announced the introduction of their newest taste sensation in the spirits world, PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur.   Billed as the world's first true pomegranate liqueur, it's made with California pomegranates, offering a tasty combination of sweet and tart.

Sabra Orange Choc Liqueur     Sabra Orange Chocolate Liqueur, Israel, unique geenie like bottle, this liqueur has a rich, bittersweetish chocolate, and orange flavors, but in a half-hearted light way. The dense chocolate is cut with the sweet and sour taste of Jaffa oranges. This citrus addition gives Sabra an extra kick that chocolate doesn't have. Great as a mixer or in brownies; dessert- after meal liquor.   Slightly chilling Sabra ligueur strengthen the chocolate feel, while slightly warming it brings out the citrus tones.

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur  - The bottle shape is a replica of a cocktail shaker with a functional lid that doubles as a shot measurement. The stars in Starbucks logo are echoed in a reverse color band around the bottom of the bottle lid. Dark espresso replaces the traditional silver color of the "shaker" to evoke the deep, rich coffee for which Starbucks is famous.  The product itself is derived from actual Starbucks coffee (100 percent to be exact), combined with 20 percent alcohol. An informal survey of Starbucks customers and liquor store managers uncovered nothing but rave reviews for the taste of the product, regardless of whether it was mixed with coffee, other drinks or on the rocks. Unlike popular coffee-mixing liqueurs such as Kahlua, Bailey's and Frangelico, Starbucks Coffee Liqueur's taste is more coffee than sticky sweet.

X Rated Liqueur     X-Rated is a new liqueur imported from France that was released to the market in February 2006. This pink liqueur has a premium vodka base that is infused with Provence blood orange, mango and passion fruit flavors. The unique flavor blend adds an interesting twist to many occasion-specific cocktails. For wooing a lover on a romantic evening or any ladies night out, drinks with a little X-Rated added make a perfect libation.  A sweet aroma of mango, berry and melon is almost overbearing yet seductively appealing; reminiscent of a field of new apple blossoms after a light rain. The thick liqueur has a strong mango palate with a sweet citrus bite and a long-lasting, delectable aftertaste.

In addition to these fine products, Cliff's Liquors stocks brands of cordials and liqueurs from around the world.

After Shock    *     Alize, Blue, Red Passion & Wild Passion    *   Amaretti DI Saronno   *   Amarula Fruit Creme  *   B&B   *   Bailey's Irish Creme,   Caramel & Mint Chocolate    *    Baja Luna, Rosa & Tango   *Barenjager  *   Bartenders Hot Sex   *   Benedictine    *   Berentzen Apple & Pear   *   Black Haus Schnapps   *   Bols Amaretto, Banana Liqueur, Blackberry Brandy, Blue Curacao, Orange Curacao, Peppermint Schnapps, Raspberry Liqueur, Triple Sec, & Vanilla Brandy   *   Brady's Irish Creme   *   Bushmill's Irish Cream  *  Danny Denito's Limon cello *   Cafe Boheme   *   Caffee Lolita   *   Campari Bitters   *   Carolans Irish Creme   *   Cask & Cream   *   Celtic Crossing   *   Chambord Royale   *   Cherry Heering   *   Cointreau   * Dekuyper Apple Barrel, Apple Pucker, Berry Fusion, Buttershots, Cactus Juice, Coconut Amaretta, Creme De Cacao, Creme De Cassis, Grape Pucker, Hot Damn 100, Hot Dam Schnapps, Island Blue, Key Largo, Kirschwasser, Mango, Menthe Green, Menthe White, Papaya, Peachtree, Pineapple Coconut, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Razzmatazz, Root Beer, Sour Apple, Strawberry Passion, Triple Sec, Watermelon Pucker, White Cacao &  Wilderberry   *   Devonshire Irish   *  Di Amore Raspberry Liqueur   *   Dr  McGillicudie Mentholmint   *   Drambuie   *   E & J Brandy Cream   *   Emmetts Irish Cream   *   Faretti Biscotti   *   Frangelico & Bunco    *   Galliano   *   Gammel Dansk Bitters   *   Godiva Cappuccino, Chocolate Liqueur & White Chocolate   * Goldschlager   *  Grande Marnier Centenr,  Gala Liqueur,  Gala Orange & Grande Marnier   * Hpnotiq   *   Irish Mist   *   Jacquins Cream De Almond, Amaretto, Anisette, Apricot, Blackberry, Creme De Cassis, Creme De Menthe, Ginger B, Peach, Peppermint, Rock N Rye, Sloe Gin, Triple Sec   *   Jagermeister   *   Jeremiah Weed  *   Kahlua, Kahlua Carafe, Especial, French Vanilla & Hazelnut   *   Kajmir Vanilla   *   Kamora   *   Leroux Melon Liqueur   *   Licor "43"   *  M Brizard Anisette   *   Molinari Sambuca   * Montebello Iced Tea   *   Mr. Boston Apricot Brandy, Blackberry Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Peach Brandy, Peppermint Schnapps & Rock N Rye   *   Nassau Royale   *   Navan Vanille Noire   *   Nocello Walnut   *   Pallini Limoncello   *   Pama Liqueur   *   Pepe Lopez Triple Sec   *   Pernod   *   Pimm's Cup #1   *   PXS Lively Green, Red & Yellow   * Quality Club Amaretto &  Triple   *   Ricard Anise   * Romanna Black & Sambuca   *   Southern Comfort 100 & Southern Comfort 80   * Sabra Chocolate Orange   *   Sambuca Di Amore   *   Sgt Peppermint   *   Starbucks Coffee Liqueur   *   Stock Coffee Liqueur & Stock Sambuca   * Sylk Cream   *   Tequila Rose   *   Tia Maria & Tia Maria Gift   *   Tuaca   *   Vandermint   *   Voyant Chai Cream   *   Wild Turkey Liqueur   *   X-Rated Liqueur   *   Yukon Jack