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Bourbons & Blends



Family owned & operated for over 50 years!




Baker's Bourbon  107
GOLD MEDAL 2007 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. Hand bottled after 7 years of aging. It is deeply mellow and richly flavorful with a medium bodied taste. Smooth flavors of vanilla and caramel.

BASIL HAYDEN BOURDON    Basil Hayden Bourbon
90 PTS WINE ENTHUSIAST. Made with corn, rye, and barley and enhanced by a hint of peppermint, it has a mellow taste and a dry, brief finish. Perfect for those who enjoy a lighter bodied bourbon.

BLANTON'S BOURBON    Blanton's Bourbon
91 PTS WINE ENTHUSIAST. Lovely fragrances join this bourbon with fruit and light spice flavors.

Bookers Bourbon    Booker's Bourbon
DOUBLE GOLD 2007 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. The only bourbon bottled straight from the barrel, uncut and unfiltered. Complex flavors ranging from oak, tannin, smoky vanilla.

Bulleit Bourbon   Bulleit Bourbon
GOLD MEDAL 2004 SAN FRANCISCO WORLD SPIRITS COMPETITION. This bourbon has a high rye content and rich, oak aromas with a hint of vanilla. It is 90 proof and aged for 7 years in "small batch" barrels.

Crown Royal Reserve   Crown Royal Reserve
FIVE STARS HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION SPIRIT JOURNAL. Deep aromas of honey, sherry, dried fruit, spearmint and nougat are present followed by layers of flavors with a warm long finish.

Crown Royal XR    Crown Royal XR
FIVE STARS HIGHLEY RECOMMENDED BY SPIRIT JOURNAL! The Crown Royal XR is creamy, engagingly nutty and offers a long expansive taste of oak.This whiskey has grace, flavor and harmony.

Eagle Rare    Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon

Forty Creek Select   Forty Creek Barrel Select
Distilled in small batches in a copper pot still and patiently aged in white oak barrels resulting in a whiskey with aromas of honey and vanilla fuse with toasted oak, walnut and spice. Rich and bold!

George Stagg Bourbon    George Stagg Bourbon
This bourbon is a challenge to all others. It sets the standard for bourbon, and shows how great a whiskey it can be. It gives most, if not all
single malt scotches a run for their money when it comes to craftsmanship and quality. As close to perfection in bourbon as it gets.

Gentleman Jack Bourbon    Gentleman Jack Bourbon
Aged in charred-oak barrels for 4 years, this whiskey is charcoal-filtered twice. A great whiskey from the leader in premium whiskey!

Jack Daniels Single Barrel     Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey
One of the best single barrel's we have tasted. The full rich flavors of Jack Daniels single barrel are accented by oak aging. One of our favorites!

Knob  Creek Bourbon   Knob Creek Bourbon
NATIONAL CHAMPION WHISKEY WINE ENTHUSIAST! There's none finer! This hand bottled, 9 year old, 100 proof bourbon is smooth with strong herbal aromas. Distinctive sweetness and rich, full bodied flavor.

Makers Mark Bourbon    Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey
92 PTS WINE ENTHUSIAST. Rich, buttery nose with hints of raisins and honey; flavors include vanilla, honey, oranges, and a well balanced backdrop of leather and spice.

Michters Sm Batch Bourbon   Michters Small Batch Bourbon
Big, confident, high class with a glorious piece of heritage. Perfectly balanced with a terrific vanilla nose and a hint of sweetness. Aged 4-6 years in small batch barrels. A magnificent whiskey!

Michter Sm Batch Rye    Michters Small Batch Rye Bourbon
Michter's Rye has a complex taste with at least three distinct phases, the first is bitter and spicy with lots of character in the bouquet, a good body with assertive taste.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed   Wild Turkey Rare Breed
GOLD MEDAL 2005 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. Assertive flavor with strong woody notes and hints of orange with sweet yet piquant, overtones.

Woodford Reserve   Woodford Reserve
DOUBLE GOLD AND BEST BOURBON SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. One of the finest bourbons we carry. Rich flavors of vanilla with layers of oak and spice.


Canadian Club Blended    Canadian Club Blended Canadian Whiskey
90-95 PTS WINE ENTHUSIAST. Dark yellow, godlen tint; medium-light body; reminiscent of apple, peach, smokey butter; the Canadian Club 6 year old is creamy, smooth and easy in the finish.

Canadian Mist Blend    Canadian Mist Canadian Whiskey
GOLD MEDAL 2005 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. One of our most popular Canadian Whisky's. Rich full flavors are very smooth.

Crown Royal Canadian Blend   Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey
GOLD MEDAL 2005 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. The #1 selling super premium for 10 years. Reminiscent of citrus, date, and pecan with rich flavors supported by ample weight.

Seagrams 7 Crown Blended    Seagram's 7 Crown Blended Whiskey
90 PTS BEVERAGE TESTING INSTITUTE. A nose offering smokey, herbal and honey/maple elements; the Seagram's Seven Crown is a smooth bodied, apricot flavored, buttery delight. BEST BUY!.

Seagrams VO blend Canadian    Seagram's VO Blended Canadian Whiskey
Gold with a light amber glow; medium-light body; reminiscent of pear, caramel, butter, brown spices; slightly coarse texture; complimented by soft brown spices.

Windsor Canadian Blend    Windsor Canadian Whiskey
Distinctive blend of the finest rye, corn, wheat & barley. Enjoy the smoothness.

Cliff's Liquors has a wide selection of other fine Bourbons and Blended Whiskey

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