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Rum & Tequila


Family owned & operated for over 50 years!



    Tommy Bahama Golden Sun Rum
Black strap molasses which is the main ingredient in Tommy Bahama rums is sourced from the finest sugar producers in the Caribbean. This highly sought after molasses creates a velvety smooth rum.

     Bacardi Light Rum
The number one selling rum in the world. Perfect in any number of tropical drinks from Mai Tai's to Pina Coladas.

    Mt Gay Rum Eclipse
88 PTS WINE ENTHUSIAST. Light gold in color with hints of butterscotch, hazelnut, and tangerine aromas. The body is medium with a buttery tone and spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg.

     Pusser's Rum Dark
An expert blend of 6 of the worlds finest Rums. Exeptional quality through small batch distilling make this Rum special.

     Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 80 and 100 Proff
THREE STARS SPIRIT JOURNAL. Moderately spicy aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg stand out and lead to an overwhelming spiced honey flavor that gentley guides you to the creamy, cake frosting finish.

    Cockspur 12 Rum
Beautiful sherry red, intense plumy color. Taste is wonderfully smooth and deep rounded velvet with a clove or two making a breif but special appearance.


    Cazadores Tequila Anejo
SILVER MEDAL 2006 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. Cazadores Anejo is produced using 100% Blue Agave from the Los Altos region of Jalisco. Delicately smooth with a bouquet of fine oak.

    Cabo Wabo Tequila Reposado
96-100 PTS WINE ENTHUSIAST, FIVE STARS HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION SPIRIT JOURNAL. Pale gold in color with an integrated bouquet that's peppery, herbal, and even floral with a sensational finish.

    Monte Alban Mezcal
#1 selling Mexcal in the USA. From the Oaxaca province in Mexico. With agave & worm.

    Patron Silver Tequila
89 PTS WINE ENTHUSIAST. One of the most popular tequilas we carry. Crisp clean flavors of citrus and oak are present in the nose followed by a full finish on the palate.

    Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold
Cuervo Gold is a blend of tequilas aged for 1 to 2 months. Perfect for margaritas; we highly recommend that you bring this tequila to your most festive events!

Cliff's Liquors has a wide selection of other fine Rum and Tequila.

*   Two Fingers Gold Tequila, Two Fingers Berry, Two Fingers Lime   *   Cazadores Tequila   *   Gosling Black Seal  Rum   *  Jose Cuervo Trao, Jose Cuervo 1800, Jose Cuervo Anejo,  Jose Cuervo Black, Jose Cuervo Citrico, Jose Cuervo White,  Jose Cuervo Gold  *   Patron Reposado, Patron Silver   *   Sauza Commerativo, Sauza Extra Gold, Sauza Blanco, Sauza Tres Plata   *   Azteca DE Oro   *  Partida Anejo   *   Cabo Wabo Reposado     *   Scorpion Mezcal   *   Pepe Lopez White   *   Bacardi Black Rum, Bacardi Red Peach, Bacardi Razz, Bacardi Light, Bacardi Big Apple,  Bacardi Eight, Bacardi Light Traveler,   Bacardi 151, Bacardi Amber, Bacardi O Rum, Bacardi Coconut, Bacardi Limon, Bacardi Vanilla, Bacardi Melon  *   Malibu Mango Rum   *   Cruzan Black Strap, Cruzan Vanilla, Cruzan Dark Rum,  Cruzan Black Cherry   *   Morgan PVT Stock   *   10 Cane Rum   *    Tommy Bahama White, Tommy Bahama Gold   *  Appleton Estate VX   *   Plantation Jamaica   *   Castillo Gold Rum, Castillo White   *   Whalers Banana,  Whalers Vanilla   *   Parrot Bay Mango   *   1800 Reserva Silver   *   El Tesoro Reposado   *   Milagro Anejo, Milagro Reposado, Milagro Silver   *   Mt Gay Rum, Mt Gay Eclipse 80,  Mt Gay Extra Old   *   Ron Rico Gold Rum , Ron Rico White Rum  *   Cockspur Five Star, Cockspur Old Gold, Cockspur V.S.O.P.  *   Pussers Blue, Pusser Decanter   *   Margar Blanco    * Mount Royal Light   * Myers Original Dark   *   Capt. Morgan Spice,  Capt Morgan Spice Traveler, Capt MOrgan PVT Stock   *   Admiral Nelson Rum   *   Port Royal Rum   *   Pyrat Pistol Rum,  Pyrat Blanco   *   Parrot Bay Rum   * Monte Alban Mezcal     *   Jacquins White Rum, Jacquins Gold Rum   *   Marti Mojito