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New And Noteworthy


Family owned & operated for over 50 years


Many new Beer, Wine and Liquor SPECIALS



Crystal Head Vodka

This Pure Spirit, vodka triple filtered through polished crystals knownas Herkimer diamonds, free of additives, is exquisite any time of theyear but perhaps ideal for October. Brought to us by Dan Aykroyd, known
for his fascination with the invisible world, Crystal Head Vodka tiesin with the story of the 13 Crystal Heads that have been unearthed atvarious times on our planet... from the Yucatan to Tibet. The Heads are believed to emit positive energy, good will and prosperity. CrystalHead Vodka is perfect as a lone shot, chilled or served in signaturecocktails. Unlike most vodkas in today's marketplace that use
additives, glycol, citrus and sugar to improve smoothness and flavor,Crystal Head Vodka is a pure spirit with no additives. It is quadrupleddistilled and filtered three times through charcoal followed by triple
filtration over Herkimer crystals from one of the planets rarestdeposits of close concentrated semi-precious stones- Dan Aykroyd.

Kubler Abinthe.
Kubler is a Swiss absinthe; a blanche, it is white rather than the traditional green.

Lucid Absinthe.
Lucid Absinthe comes in a sleek black bottle with what appear to be cat eyes. I must admit, I was made uneasy by the prospect of drinking something that was watching me.

Firefly Vodka gets iced tea all liquored up
A Sweet Infusion     
Sweet tea has always been the table wine of the South, but it's quickly becoming the spirit of the South with the release of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, an infusion that is proving irresistible to local palates. Firefly Swet Tea Vodka is handcrafted and distilled five times.  The vodka is an in fusion of South Carolina Tea, Louisian Cane Sugar, and Vodka.

Le Tourment Vert
 French for Green Torment, is an authentic French absinthe that is handcrafted in limited batches at Distillerie Vinet Ege. Le Tourment Vert is created by a three step process from a recipe that is over 100 years old. First the Grand Wormwood and herbal mix of Sage, Rosemary and Coriander is cultivated and selected. Second the herbs are soaked and steeped with alcohol then distilled in dural ergrat alembic copper stills that date back to the late 1800’s. Lastly, the color is added by a second maceration of herbs for smooth flavor and unique color, a derivation of naturally occurring chlorophyll found in the herbs. There are many ways to enjoy Le Tourment Vert. Traditionally; one ounce of Le Tourment Vert is poured in a glass. Then a slotted spoon with a sugar cube is placed over the glass and three ounces of cold water are poured over it. Finally, a sugar cube is placed on a spoon and lit on fire. To elegantly savor Le Tourment Vert, simply pour over ice.

2007 Serenade in Blanc Sauvignon Blanc
Pale silvery straw color. Classic aromas of gooseberry jam, grapefruit, and moss have a creamy edge and follow through on a supple, lively entry to a fruity-yet-dry light-to-medium body with zippy acidity and a touch of chalk and orange zest on the finish. A bright palate stimulating sauvignon blanc to pair with milder Asian fish dishes.

R&B Cellars 2007 "Swingsville", Zinfandel, . Cellar Selection. Best Buy.
Deep garnet color. Aromas of chocolate, raspberries, lilac and earth follow through on a soft, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with a touch of spice and graphite. Finishes with a crisp, roasted almond, raisin, and pepper accented fade. Solid.

2006 Saxy Syrab
A 97% Syrah blend of two vineyards from Napa and Sonoma With the traditional 3% Viognier added to the blend.  Rich and complex with lots of ripe fruit and structure.

Chapoutier Cotes du Rhone Rouge Belleruche 750ml    
88 Points; Wine Spectator:   Juicy and pure, with the vintage's textbook flavor profile of raspberry and licorice, backed by a graphite hint on the finish.

Robert Davis Syrah 2007   750 ml   
Robert Davis Syrah is made from 100% Syrah selected from old vines and parcels just below Chateauneuf du Pape in the Rhone Valley. It is a full bodied wine with rich cherry and cassis fruit followed by hints of spice and pepper.

Pedroncelli Friends Red
"Our friends often recall the days when founder Giovanni Pedroncelli welcomed them to the cellar. They’d share stories over a smooth drinking glass of red wine. More important than the varietal were the friendships. In honor of this tradition, we’ve created this blend to share with our friends and yours." Winemakers notes

Spiced Wine now in stock.

Many Winter Beer Selection now in stock, including Sam Adams, Troegs, Mad Elf, Otter Creek, Sam Smith's Rogue and others.

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